Friday, December 26, 2008


I have now experienced Christmas. It was alright I guess. Maybe next year will be funner when I can actually open my own presents instead of watching big sister Ivy open them all.

Daddy had to work Christmas Day (the official day) so Mommy and Daddy asked the Elves to ask Santa if he could make a special trip to our house a day early so Daddy could be home with us. Apparently Santa agreed because we had "Christmas" on Dec. 24th.

This is me and my big sister getting ready to open our Christmas jammies and one other present on Christmas Eve.

Santa brought me this pretty cool rug, blanket, or whatever...I loved it, it was so soft. I pretty much hung out there all morning while Ivy opened all our presents.
I got kinda bored so I decided to take a snooz...

Then on the Real Christmas day we went to Gramma Dawn's and Pappa Larry's for breakfast and a few more presents...oh, yah and so mommy and Ivy could talk to Uncle Braxton who is in Mexico City on his mission.

Pappa Larry held me while everyone was busy opening presents and playing.

Then he decided to tease my cousin Mya. She loves her blankie, so he laid me right in the center of it. She didn't think it was too fact she found no humor in it. I'm gonna be a big tease when I get bigger with all these people teaching me already. It'll be fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a BIG boy I am

Today I surprised Mommy and Daddy. I showed them how big I'm getting, Mommy's not so sure she likes the idea.
I rolled over after my nap! Daddy laid me down this morning to do some tummy time. Instead I just snuggled up to my blanket and fell asleep. When I woke up no one was in the room with me. I started to fuss so someone would come and be with me. Sure enough, Mommy showed up. And to let her know that I don't appreciate being left alone, I was on my back when she came in. Now they can't leave me alone anymore. They'll have to watch me so I don't roll off the bed. Not only am I getting to be a big boy, by rolling over, I'm also getting pretty smart too. My plan has worked for the rest of the day. hahaha

Thursday, December 4, 2008

pictures, lots and lots of pictures

Ivy and I like to take our naps together...sometimes mommy sneaks a nap with us.

How you doin'?

My 1st Dr. Visit...Ivy told me scary stories about this place, take me home!
I weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. at my one week mark, so Dr. wants me to come back next week to make sure I get back up to my birth weight. (which I did, I was 7 lbs 10 oz. and 22" long)

Me getting lots of loves from Aunt Angela.

Bath? What's that? I guess I'll soon find out. Oh my gosh, that's awful, I HATE IT!!

Aw...I finally made it back in my Mommy's arms. Phew!

Gramma Cheryl and Papa Joe visited me. We had lots of fun, or everyone else did at least. I get to go stay with them in February for a whole week all by myself. I'm looking forward to that.

Daddy's teaching early to be a "man".


Now I Love my baths and get so excited everytime I hear the water running.

I know, I'm a pretty handsome man!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Well I must apologize but I've been terribly busy sleeping, eating, pooping, and playing with my family that I've completely neglected my blog.
The day Aunt Angela left, Papa Joe and Gramma Cheryl came to meet me. They too spoiled me with many nice gifts. I got the softest blanket ever, and they even had my name sewn on it so now Ivy can't try to claim it as hers. I got a blue teddy bear with my name and birth year on it, they even brought some things for my big sister so she wouldn't feel left out. It was wonderful meeting them. Gramma Cheryl babysat me one morning so Papa Joe could take mommy and daddy to get some supplies to finish off my nursery. Actually to get it started. They came back with paint and all the supplies for that, a new vent, light switch covers, and a few more things for other parts of the house. Mommy says that hopefully the motivation to get things done runs in the blood, because she can tell where my daddy got his from and so hopefully I'll get it too. While Gramma and Papa were here we spent time at our house, going out to eat, swimming in the hotel pool, and shopping for more things. I'll have mom or dad post pictures of the finished nursery to show just how generous gramma and papa were to me. Now I'll have somewhere nice to sleep instead of in the hallway of the basement.
Which leads me to tell you that I'm sleeping much better now. I only wake up about 2 times in the night to eat and poop of course. Mom makes me sleep in the hallway because she said my noises make her stay awake all night long checking on me to see if I'm ok. Hopefully nothing will be wrong ever cuz she might not here me now that I've been booted outside of her bedroom. She's doing better at handling me. At first I think she forgot what it was like to have a new baby, she'd get so stressed and frustrated but now she's doing much better. I'm a good baby thank goodness or I think she'd have been crazy by now. Dad is doing awesome. He takes really good care of me, always makes sure I'm fed and with a clean bum. He's pretty good to mom too. He watches me so she can get a break from taking care of me. But when mom is around I just like her to hold me. I'm a momma's boy. Mom has decided that she likes that because she missed out on that with my big sister. Ivy was a gramma's girl, and if you ask me she still is.
I'm growing quite big. I went to the Dr. when I was 10 days old and grew an inch and gained 7 ounces, which put me right about my birth weight. At 10 days old I was 21" and 7 lbs. 10 oz. I'm eating a lot and the Dr. said he's proud of that.
Well, I must get back to some sleep, it's about that time again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meeting Aunt Angela

Daddy's sister Angela came to meet me. She got here Sunday afternoon. She looks an awful lot like my daddy, but a pretty girl. She was a bit nervous to hold me, or maybe I stunk?! She did end up holding me after a day or so. It was fun, her and dad had me doing all kinds of tricks for pictures. Too bad we didn't get the pics on our camera. I'll have Daddy ask her to send them to us. She did end up spoiling me and my big sister Ivy. I got a ton of new clothes, which is nice because they actually fit me unlike many of my other ones that are way too big. She ordered me a diaper genie thing to put all my stinky poopy diapers in, Ivy got a thing for the tub to help make washing her hair easier and a Curious George doll.
I love my aunt Angela!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My name

People ask where my name came from. Well here is your answer. Then name Zaden Joseph-Alan Winkler, came from my daddy. Zaden was the name my daddy picked for me, he wanted to choose a name that was not common. Joseph-Alan Winkler is after my grandpa, daddys father. Zaden and Winkler are german names. I get asked why my name are these and where they came from now here is the answer.

No sleep for mommy

The last two days I been home I been a rather good rockstar until it's time for mommy and daddy to go to sleep. Once that light goes out I like to cry and cry and cry for hours at a time just so they can stay up with me. I am not tired because I sleep all day. Mommy is the only person I see in the night tho never daddy, I guess because we have to take him to work at 6am, then I get to spend the rest of the day with mommy. When 6pm comes around it is time to get daddy from work. He holds me and tried to play with me but I still have a hard time understanding things. Last night mommy put me a sleep with her in the bed I tried so hard to stay up so I could wake mommy and daddy up but I was to relaxed. I think they found a way to keep me hush in the night. Today daddy had a day off and when we all woke up daddy and ivy when to watch a movie and daddy brought me along I guess mommy was still tired. Right when i saw what movie was playing me and daddy fell asleep, Ivy was watching Hair Spray How Boring the movie knocked us right out. I will have to say that the lovesac is the best place to sleep ever!... My mommy and daddy did not take any new picture of me yet but please check back later for more pictures.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Im going HOME!!

I was told by mommy and daddy that today I get to go home. I am very excited, But for me to go home a bunch of bad things has to happen. After I woke mommy up to feed me, then nurse took me away to get shots in my foot OUCH!. Then took me to see if I can pass my hearing test, and I did SCORE!. My doc came to visit me and talked to mommy and daddy then took me away and all I need to say is OUCH MY PEE PEE HURTS!!!!! It still hurts when I get my dippers changed but its worth it to get away from them people in the jackets that hurt me. So mommy and daddy and I have to go class about how to strap me in the car correctly, let me tell you it was boring so I played a game with myself to see how many girls would shoot out milk if i cried, not sure if it worked but sounded fun. After that was over daddy when to get the car and my seat so the nurse can take me down to the car.

When I got home is was so much better to be in a place with loving family and know this is where I will get big. I have my own room but mommy need to kick it up a notch and get cracking so I can sleep in my room. But until then I think this little rock star is going to party hard and crash in the swing chair. So Mya when get my room there will be a party in my crib so BYOB "Bring your own bottle". FYI click the pictures to see them bigger. You can also save them to your computer and if you want to you can get prints from wal-mart

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day #2

Today was not a very good day as far as me passing tests and milestones. It seems I had some gunk in my right ear, so I did not pass my hearing test. The nurse cleaned out my ear and I am able to take the test tomorrow again. I have not been eating as much food as I could but I am getting better and I average about 20 ml ever 3 hours, I need to get 30 ml every 2 hours, even though I reached the goal once today it is still a hard task. I met a few new people today, I met my great grandmas, great papas as well as daddy's friend Sergi and mommy's friends Emmy, Stephanie, Maria and Krissie. The estrogen level got extremely high for a minute so I took my daddy's advice and pretended to be asleep. He has already warned me to just ignore all the chatter from girls mouths. My big sister Ivy came to visit me again with gramma Dawn, aunt Natalie and Mya. Grampa Larry came by later that night too. It was nice to see their familiar faces again. Don't know what happened to Justin, Kevin, Kimi and Jared coming again...but o-well, I was pretty exhausted. Uncle Jaydan is a poopy head for not coming and visiting me at all, he claimed to have the flu or something, but whatever. It turned out to be an okay da y afterall, I got my rest and was eating better and am ready to see my new home tomorrow. Big sister Ivy thinks it'd be really fun to take me to Disneyland tomorrow when I go home...hopefully mommy and daddy will agree.

New world.

Yesterday I experienced a new world, filled with people and things I have never seen. I hear sounds and felt things like never before. Within this new world I did hear something familiar, the sounds came from my mother and father. This was the first day I got to see my loving parents and as amazing as it seems I am still overwhelmed from everything that his happening and everything that I can see, touch, feel and hear.

My name is Zaden Joseph-Alan Winkler. I was born on Nov, 2nd 2008 at 7 pounds 9 ounces at 20 inches long around 3:42pm in Ogden, UT.