Monday, November 3, 2008

Day #2

Today was not a very good day as far as me passing tests and milestones. It seems I had some gunk in my right ear, so I did not pass my hearing test. The nurse cleaned out my ear and I am able to take the test tomorrow again. I have not been eating as much food as I could but I am getting better and I average about 20 ml ever 3 hours, I need to get 30 ml every 2 hours, even though I reached the goal once today it is still a hard task. I met a few new people today, I met my great grandmas, great papas as well as daddy's friend Sergi and mommy's friends Emmy, Stephanie, Maria and Krissie. The estrogen level got extremely high for a minute so I took my daddy's advice and pretended to be asleep. He has already warned me to just ignore all the chatter from girls mouths. My big sister Ivy came to visit me again with gramma Dawn, aunt Natalie and Mya. Grampa Larry came by later that night too. It was nice to see their familiar faces again. Don't know what happened to Justin, Kevin, Kimi and Jared coming again...but o-well, I was pretty exhausted. Uncle Jaydan is a poopy head for not coming and visiting me at all, he claimed to have the flu or something, but whatever. It turned out to be an okay da y afterall, I got my rest and was eating better and am ready to see my new home tomorrow. Big sister Ivy thinks it'd be really fun to take me to Disneyland tomorrow when I go home...hopefully mommy and daddy will agree.

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Dawn said...

no not disneyland yet, you'd better eat better first. Love you, Gramma