Friday, November 14, 2008

Meeting Aunt Angela

Daddy's sister Angela came to meet me. She got here Sunday afternoon. She looks an awful lot like my daddy, but a pretty girl. She was a bit nervous to hold me, or maybe I stunk?! She did end up holding me after a day or so. It was fun, her and dad had me doing all kinds of tricks for pictures. Too bad we didn't get the pics on our camera. I'll have Daddy ask her to send them to us. She did end up spoiling me and my big sister Ivy. I got a ton of new clothes, which is nice because they actually fit me unlike many of my other ones that are way too big. She ordered me a diaper genie thing to put all my stinky poopy diapers in, Ivy got a thing for the tub to help make washing her hair easier and a Curious George doll.
I love my aunt Angela!!

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