Friday, November 7, 2008

No sleep for mommy

The last two days I been home I been a rather good rockstar until it's time for mommy and daddy to go to sleep. Once that light goes out I like to cry and cry and cry for hours at a time just so they can stay up with me. I am not tired because I sleep all day. Mommy is the only person I see in the night tho never daddy, I guess because we have to take him to work at 6am, then I get to spend the rest of the day with mommy. When 6pm comes around it is time to get daddy from work. He holds me and tried to play with me but I still have a hard time understanding things. Last night mommy put me a sleep with her in the bed I tried so hard to stay up so I could wake mommy and daddy up but I was to relaxed. I think they found a way to keep me hush in the night. Today daddy had a day off and when we all woke up daddy and ivy when to watch a movie and daddy brought me along I guess mommy was still tired. Right when i saw what movie was playing me and daddy fell asleep, Ivy was watching Hair Spray How Boring the movie knocked us right out. I will have to say that the lovesac is the best place to sleep ever!... My mommy and daddy did not take any new picture of me yet but please check back later for more pictures.

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