Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Well I must apologize but I've been terribly busy sleeping, eating, pooping, and playing with my family that I've completely neglected my blog.
The day Aunt Angela left, Papa Joe and Gramma Cheryl came to meet me. They too spoiled me with many nice gifts. I got the softest blanket ever, and they even had my name sewn on it so now Ivy can't try to claim it as hers. I got a blue teddy bear with my name and birth year on it, they even brought some things for my big sister so she wouldn't feel left out. It was wonderful meeting them. Gramma Cheryl babysat me one morning so Papa Joe could take mommy and daddy to get some supplies to finish off my nursery. Actually to get it started. They came back with paint and all the supplies for that, a new vent, light switch covers, and a few more things for other parts of the house. Mommy says that hopefully the motivation to get things done runs in the blood, because she can tell where my daddy got his from and so hopefully I'll get it too. While Gramma and Papa were here we spent time at our house, going out to eat, swimming in the hotel pool, and shopping for more things. I'll have mom or dad post pictures of the finished nursery to show just how generous gramma and papa were to me. Now I'll have somewhere nice to sleep instead of in the hallway of the basement.
Which leads me to tell you that I'm sleeping much better now. I only wake up about 2 times in the night to eat and poop of course. Mom makes me sleep in the hallway because she said my noises make her stay awake all night long checking on me to see if I'm ok. Hopefully nothing will be wrong ever cuz she might not here me now that I've been booted outside of her bedroom. She's doing better at handling me. At first I think she forgot what it was like to have a new baby, she'd get so stressed and frustrated but now she's doing much better. I'm a good baby thank goodness or I think she'd have been crazy by now. Dad is doing awesome. He takes really good care of me, always makes sure I'm fed and with a clean bum. He's pretty good to mom too. He watches me so she can get a break from taking care of me. But when mom is around I just like her to hold me. I'm a momma's boy. Mom has decided that she likes that because she missed out on that with my big sister. Ivy was a gramma's girl, and if you ask me she still is.
I'm growing quite big. I went to the Dr. when I was 10 days old and grew an inch and gained 7 ounces, which put me right about my birth weight. At 10 days old I was 21" and 7 lbs. 10 oz. I'm eating a lot and the Dr. said he's proud of that.
Well, I must get back to some sleep, it's about that time again.


Dawn said...

what a darling family you have. It sounds like you are all getting use to each other. I had a hard time sleeping right by the babies too. I was always jumping up to check on them. Love You guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaden,

I am your Grandma Lauri, Daddy's Mom. I tried calling to wish you and your Daddy and your little family Happy Thanksgiving on Thanskgiving Day, but the lady that answered the phone told me there was no one there by that name when I asked to speak to Joseph. So hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


Grandma Lauri and Aunt Alura