Friday, December 26, 2008


I have now experienced Christmas. It was alright I guess. Maybe next year will be funner when I can actually open my own presents instead of watching big sister Ivy open them all.

Daddy had to work Christmas Day (the official day) so Mommy and Daddy asked the Elves to ask Santa if he could make a special trip to our house a day early so Daddy could be home with us. Apparently Santa agreed because we had "Christmas" on Dec. 24th.

This is me and my big sister getting ready to open our Christmas jammies and one other present on Christmas Eve.

Santa brought me this pretty cool rug, blanket, or whatever...I loved it, it was so soft. I pretty much hung out there all morning while Ivy opened all our presents.
I got kinda bored so I decided to take a snooz...

Then on the Real Christmas day we went to Gramma Dawn's and Pappa Larry's for breakfast and a few more presents...oh, yah and so mommy and Ivy could talk to Uncle Braxton who is in Mexico City on his mission.

Pappa Larry held me while everyone was busy opening presents and playing.

Then he decided to tease my cousin Mya. She loves her blankie, so he laid me right in the center of it. She didn't think it was too fact she found no humor in it. I'm gonna be a big tease when I get bigger with all these people teaching me already. It'll be fun!

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