Friday, March 6, 2009

Beethoven & Milk

Since I love to watch cartoons with big sister, Mommy decided to dedicate some time just for me and the TV. She puts in Baby Einstein. I am fascinated with Baby Beethoven. It's my favorite. However I don't really care for Symphony No. 5. Something about that just rubs me the wrong way. I try to fuss to get her to change it from that song, but she doesn't so I just have to deal with it and wait for Wellington's Victory to come on. I also love Baby Mozart, Baby Bach is alright but I love my Beethoven.

I'm learning to sing. When Mommy sings lullaby's to me I try singing along. It's fun, maybe someday we'll do duets for all of you:) When I get tired, I just start singing myself to sleep. I love music.

Yesterday Mommy tried to introduce me to "food". I don't think I like it. She put this white mixture on a green thing and shoved it in my mouth. It felt so weird on my tongue. I played with it for a minute then discovered how to get it out, I rolled my bottom lip and let it plunge on the bib. Then can you believe it, she tried again. This time I was prompt to get it out. She tried making noises and getting me excited but in my opinion, what is wrong with good old milk? Honestly, that tastes nummy, is easy for me to eat and is doing the job at feeling my belly and making me gain weight. She tried again at dinner, but I didn't forget that I didn't like it. She tried her best, but I kept reminding her that I'm simply not interested and would just like my milk.

prior to tasting that "food"

Ew, get it out!

I win! All done being force fed:)

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