Friday, March 6, 2009

Beethoven & Milk

Since I love to watch cartoons with big sister, Mommy decided to dedicate some time just for me and the TV. She puts in Baby Einstein. I am fascinated with Baby Beethoven. It's my favorite. However I don't really care for Symphony No. 5. Something about that just rubs me the wrong way. I try to fuss to get her to change it from that song, but she doesn't so I just have to deal with it and wait for Wellington's Victory to come on. I also love Baby Mozart, Baby Bach is alright but I love my Beethoven.

I'm learning to sing. When Mommy sings lullaby's to me I try singing along. It's fun, maybe someday we'll do duets for all of you:) When I get tired, I just start singing myself to sleep. I love music.

Yesterday Mommy tried to introduce me to "food". I don't think I like it. She put this white mixture on a green thing and shoved it in my mouth. It felt so weird on my tongue. I played with it for a minute then discovered how to get it out, I rolled my bottom lip and let it plunge on the bib. Then can you believe it, she tried again. This time I was prompt to get it out. She tried making noises and getting me excited but in my opinion, what is wrong with good old milk? Honestly, that tastes nummy, is easy for me to eat and is doing the job at feeling my belly and making me gain weight. She tried again at dinner, but I didn't forget that I didn't like it. She tried her best, but I kept reminding her that I'm simply not interested and would just like my milk.

prior to tasting that "food"

Ew, get it out!

I win! All done being force fed:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Milestone Crossed

Tonight I passed another milestone. I rolled over! Mommy and Daddy knew it was coming but I did surprise them both with it tonight. Mommy cheered, Daddy laughed at Mommy, and I just grinned. It was a fun thing. But I couldn't quite figure out how to get back over, I'm not so much a fan of tummy time.
Right before the big event

Turning to look at what Mommy is getting so excited over

Me and Mommy celebrating

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nap Time

Well here in Utah it's been snowing all day yesterday and today so far. Mommy has had to spend a lot of time out there shoveling our driveway. She puts in "Baby Einstein" for me to watch while she's out there. They are good relaxing movies. I usually fall asleep while watching them.
This is how she found me when she came in today:)

I've gotten much better at taking my naps. When I was brand new to this world I didn't want to ever close my eyes and nap, well unless of course I was snuggled in my mommy's arms. But now I'm doing so much better! I'm taking naps all day long, and in my bed! Mommy is so proud of me, I don't see what the big deal is but hey when momma's happy, everyone's happy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally some Pictures

Look at my big Blue Eyes!!

I love playing with my Daddy:)

I'm bigger than my big teddy bear. Growing up so fast!

That was so FUNNY!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real Quick Update

I had my 2 month check up today. The doctor was kinda busy so we got pushed back a bit. But I'm growing good:)
I weigh 12 lb and 13 oz and am 24 3/4 " Long. How fun is that? Mommy needs to get on the ball and get some pictures of me posted so you can all see how big I'm getting.
That's all for now, gotta go to bed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Nursery

Gramma Cheryl and Papa Joe got my parents the supplies to make my room. They painted my walls and window frames, installed a new heat vent and ceiling fan, replaced all the outlet covers and switch plates, stained my bed so it wouldn't look so girly, and mommy is still working on finishing my blanket for my bed. But here's how it's turned out.

It's definately my room:)

Here's my bookshelf with all the toys everyone has given me and my diaper changing supplies. Mommy can't find me a dresser yet, so she says this will have to work.

Can you see the little owl sitting on my curtain rod?

And here is my favorite place to bear rug!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I have now experienced Christmas. It was alright I guess. Maybe next year will be funner when I can actually open my own presents instead of watching big sister Ivy open them all.

Daddy had to work Christmas Day (the official day) so Mommy and Daddy asked the Elves to ask Santa if he could make a special trip to our house a day early so Daddy could be home with us. Apparently Santa agreed because we had "Christmas" on Dec. 24th.

This is me and my big sister getting ready to open our Christmas jammies and one other present on Christmas Eve.

Santa brought me this pretty cool rug, blanket, or whatever...I loved it, it was so soft. I pretty much hung out there all morning while Ivy opened all our presents.
I got kinda bored so I decided to take a snooz...

Then on the Real Christmas day we went to Gramma Dawn's and Pappa Larry's for breakfast and a few more presents...oh, yah and so mommy and Ivy could talk to Uncle Braxton who is in Mexico City on his mission.

Pappa Larry held me while everyone was busy opening presents and playing.

Then he decided to tease my cousin Mya. She loves her blankie, so he laid me right in the center of it. She didn't think it was too fact she found no humor in it. I'm gonna be a big tease when I get bigger with all these people teaching me already. It'll be fun!