Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Im going HOME!!

I was told by mommy and daddy that today I get to go home. I am very excited, But for me to go home a bunch of bad things has to happen. After I woke mommy up to feed me, then nurse took me away to get shots in my foot OUCH!. Then took me to see if I can pass my hearing test, and I did SCORE!. My doc came to visit me and talked to mommy and daddy then took me away and all I need to say is OUCH MY PEE PEE HURTS!!!!! It still hurts when I get my dippers changed but its worth it to get away from them people in the jackets that hurt me. So mommy and daddy and I have to go class about how to strap me in the car correctly, let me tell you it was boring so I played a game with myself to see how many girls would shoot out milk if i cried, not sure if it worked but sounded fun. After that was over daddy when to get the car and my seat so the nurse can take me down to the car.

When I got home is was so much better to be in a place with loving family and know this is where I will get big. I have my own room but mommy need to kick it up a notch and get cracking so I can sleep in my room. But until then I think this little rock star is going to party hard and crash in the swing chair. So Mya when get my room there will be a party in my crib so BYOB "Bring your own bottle". FYI click the pictures to see them bigger. You can also save them to your computer and if you want to you can get prints from wal-mart


Natalie said...

Mya is so there for the party!

Shari said...

You are a keeper Zaden! Have fun and give your mom lots of pee showers! She will love you even more!